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IPL 2016 Fantasy League Cricket Tips [ Latest ]

During the season there are different IPL fantasy cricket leagues available out of which, the official one and the one hosted by cricinfo are the largest. Today in here we will be sharing few of the best known IPL fantasy league 2016 tips and tricks for scoring points and winning cash awards. Let me start the fantasy league tips and tricks with few of the most commonly committed mistakes while playing any fantasy leagues.

Most of the people choose their best side randomly, which is considered to be one of the biggest blunder while playing any online game.

Next one is people are quite stuck with their favorite players, so they buy 2 - 3 big names and end up with a below par team in either of the one department ( Batting / Bowling ).

These are some of the most commonly committed mistakes by majority of people playing IPL Fantasy league.

Now it's time to give some of the best tips for wining any Fantasy league online.

IPL Fantasy 2016

IPL Fantasy League 2016 Tips 

First and the foremost thing to care about is pitch condition. Select players who could build great innings under difficult conditions or bowlers who could bowl on the difficult conditions. Obviously it would be some of the best players. At Least select 2 specialist batsman ( big names ) and one bowler.

Make sure your player would play at least 80 % of games if he isn't injured. So that the probability to earn maximum points is high. 

Sites like let you pick players after the toss, which is great cause you know the playing 11 and it leaves you in a position to pick the best players possible. Instead of guessing who will start. Regardless, make sure you're watching the pre game show and reading all the pre match news like the one Cricinfo releases for every match, where they list the possible starters with all notes on injuries and who to watch for. Cricinfo's Match Previews are gold - Australia eye unforeseen clean sweep and should be read before every match.

Go back to Point #1 and keep a constant track of consistent performers over pitch conditions and the past matches. Picking consistent guys is better than risking all on a new entry - at least there's some assurity behind having a consistent performer who may not have hit his average last match, but guess what, its his average so he will hit above it or around it next match for sure.

Pick Bowlers that bowl the death overs - many times the most number of wickets fall towards the last overs of the match as the chasing team throws wickets away trying to hit the aggressive target. This is where having the bowlers that close the bowling helps as they usually pick up 2, sometimes 3 wickets in their last few overs. Try to pick at least one or two that close the bowling of the match.

Sites like let you slot Wicketkeepers in Batsman slots or bowlers in All Rounders slots (since Bowlers will both ball and bat). Pick the bowlers that come up further up the middle order to take advantage of getting points in both positions.

Knowing the pitch conditions you can somewhat guess if the top order of a team is going fold early and not score runs - one sound strategy is to not pick the openers, since they get out early usually, and pick the middle order batsman (like Suresh Raina) who almost always arrive to steady the innings. The openers on many conditions are a guess on whether they'll hit it big but usually get out early (like Watson opening), so you're better off picking those that come down the order to give yourself a better chance at getting those batting points as the middle order bats longer and steadies the innings (general examples: George Bailey, Ian Bell).

Focus on performances your view when picking a player should be - will this player perform on this match? Try thinking independent of the team the player belongs to and more about the team the player in facing. Will he get to bat or bowl? If you generally ask if player performs, has he been performing in the last few matches (above or below his average)? You'll certainly hit the right note on selection on a performing player. Again, Cricinfo's stats and past match scorecards come in very handy to review a player's past few games performances.


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